Study at Northwestern – Summer 2011

I have just returned from my second summer session at Northwestern University, Chicago. I am studying for my Master’s Degree in Music Education. What a wonderful experience – exhausting, stimulating, satisfying. I love working there with my wonderful classmates, Jen, Krista, Leo, Phaedra, Amy, Samantha, Jim, and Matt. We have a terrific¬†camaraderie and this was a particularly difficult session for us, studying two of the most intellectually demanding courses, Philosophy and Research. We all breathed a huge sigh of relief last Friday, when we were able to finally close our computers after an intense, sleepless six-weeks of thinking! The theme of the summer, was summed up in the words of our professor Dr Carlos Abril:

“Thinking is hard”

Yes, thinking has been hard, but very worthwhile and rewarding. To all my classmates and fellow Summer Masters students, congratulations!

Here is my Philosophy Class with Bennett Reimer – the illustrious philosopher who visited us at Northwestern.

Bennett Reimer with Philosophy of Music Education class 2011


¬†See below if you would like to read my final paper in Philosophy. (Best if you click on ‘full screen’ in the bottom right hand corner).

My goal for this year, is to work hard with my own students and colleagues at BISS and to embrace this philosophy as well as I can!

Openness – A Music Education Philosophy

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  1. Been there and done that…studying with people, half of your age, and I loved it. Few years ago, I went to University of Washington to do DMA in flute, and ended up doing Advanced conducting, and K-12 teaching with students much younger than me. I am applying for the Senior teaching position at Dulwich College Beijing. I have been working at an international school in the Philippines and conduct MILK Youth Symphony for the youth from poor areas. If I make it in Beijing, we can play some duets or trio with my friend. My DMA-classmate Zhao-Rong Chen, is professor of flute at the China Conservatory. I studied conducting with professor Salzman was there in March with UW Wind Ensemble at NCPA. I hope to have the privilege of working with you.

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