Master of Music Education Completed

I am very happy to announce, that I have now completed my Master of Music Education degree at Northwestern University. It has been a life-changing experience working with and learning from my talented and musical colleagues and professors. What a wonderful program it has been.

A highlight for me this summer was having the opportunity to play a concerto with the Summer Orchestra. It was such a privilege and a wonderful experience. I played the Concertino in D Major by Cecile Chaminade. I enjoyed the performance and it went beautifully, thanks to the support of my fellow musicians.  And especially, to my friend and conducting professor, Dr Bob Hasty. He is a brilliant conductor who has the knack of bringing out the best in us all, yet remaining calm and friendly throughout the whole process of rehearsal and performance.

A sincere thanks to all of my brilliant professors: Dr Janet Barrett, Dr Maud Hickey, Dr Robert Hasty, Dr James Kjelland, Dr Susan Piagentini, Dr Peter Webster, Dr Laura Sindberg, Dr Carlos Abril.



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Gerard Dutton

International music teacher and performer. Have worked in Australia, Vietnam, Tonga, New Zealand, China and Myanmar. Studied in Australia and USA.

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